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A Singapore digital currency live streaming exchange platform


eth_btc --12.68000000%


Trading volume:17143.85000000

btc_usdt +133.65000000%


Trading volume:16940.00640000

eth_usdt +101.64000000%


Trading volume:16490.80160000

ltc_bof -0.00000000%


Trading volume:0.00000000

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Transaction Security

Double authentication, KYC mechanism, login safety protection, separation of cold and hot wallet, multi-dimensional protection for user’s wallet, and zero-tolerance to risk event

live video

Open the blockchain innovation model, the world's first blockchain exchange video live platform.

One-stop transaction

From token-token transaction to contract-based transaction, BTC18 devotes itself to building up a one-stop digital asset transaction platform, so as to meet users’ requirements on digital asset management.

Real-time service

The BTC18 team independently develops the platform throughout the whole process, and works at every detail with care and precision. BTC18 provides the 7X24 online transaction services, to ensure smooth transactions and make the services considerate.

Handheld transactions anytime and anywhere

Download APP, check the market anytime and anywhere, trade faster

Cooperative community

A Global Leading Digital Crypto Currency Exchange Platform

BTC18 has many partners around the world to provide users with block chain technology and services, except in Singapore (headquarters), China (Hong Kong), Korea (Seoul), Japan (Tokyo), there is no institution or main body.

Singapore Hesheng Foundation