Privacy protection

1.General Rule

BTC18 (hereinafter referred to as the "company") would point to protect the safety of users' personal information, when the company provides services to the registered user, we need to collect and maintain personal information, and use your personal data, so that we can through digital assets transaction platform software, API (application programming interface), product and/or function (" services ") to provide you with access and application services. Therefore, through the privacy policy, BTC18 discloses how to use personal information in the service and how to protect personal information security.

The privacy policy may be changed according to the regulations. Users can check the privacy policy at any time on the homepage of the official website. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

2.Personal information collection agreement

The "privacy policy" page on the home page of the official website will provide the user's personal information agreement. If you have registered and used the service provided by us, you agree to collect personal information.

3.Purpose and use of personal information collection

The personal data collected, processed and stored by BTC18 is obtained through your use of our services and has been approved by you. Such personal data may include your contact information, you provide a copy of the identity information, or from the available public access the database, your id card number issued by the government departments, passport number, email address: confirm your identity and confirm your identity with your device or Internet services related to any information (e.g., IP address and MAC number). BTC18 communicates with you using personal data and manages, performs, improves, and develops personalized services for you.

4.Prevent fraudulent users and unauthorized users

When users complete registration to use our service, we receive the online information necessary to provide the service. Basic information received at registration includes your name, email address, etc. In addition, to provide better service, users need to enter your phone number and bank account number. It is convenient for our exchange to confirm personal information or provide some prizes for registered users during the activity.

We do not collect sensitive personal information about human rights violations. If it is necessary to collect such information, we will seek your approval in advance. In any case, the information you enter will not be used for other purposes and will not be leaked.

5.Share and provide personal information collected

In the collection and use of personal information, the company shall not provide user information to any third party without the user's consent and shall not exceed the scope of use of the information provided in the agreement.

Except for the following special circumstances:

Where relevant legal requirements (e.g., government/investigative agency requests under applicable law through legal proceedings) are met;

Users agree to release in advance;

Violate the terms of service or operational principles, such as the terms of service and any other services published on the website;

If you have to protect your legal rights and interests by disclosing your personal information;

Settlement of fees according to service regulations when necessary;

Statistical writing, academic research or market research is necessary to provide specific personal information in an unrecognizable form

BTC18 may provide or its subsidiaries or partners to share personal information, in order to provide users with better service if we provide or share your personal information, will inform you in advance what branch, will to share personal information project, why to share personal information, the user will be told that one by one and ask the user to agree. If the user does not agree, we will not provide your personal information to other agencies.

6.Personal information management (modification, deletion, etc.)

Users can log into the website at any time to change their personal information. You can also make a request to the responsible person via email or written form. We will send the relevant responsible person to make the change according to the user's requirements, but the identity information such as customer ID and real name cannot be changed.

The user may terminate the agreement at any time by discontinuing the use of your personal information by a third party providing the service, or by E-mail, phone, fax or otherwise, provided identification and email addresses are provided.

7.About cookies Matters concerning operation

To provide customized services for customers, we use "cookies" to store and retrieve information from time to time. We determine if your computer is related to cookie management, but do not recognize it.

Users can select "cookies" to select "tools" > [Internet options]> [security]> [user-defined levels] in a web browser to accept all cookies, save one cookie at a time, or refuse to store all cookies. If you refuse to store all cookies, you will not be able to use our service through cookies.

8.Measures to ensure the security of personal information

According to relevant regulations, adopt the following technologies and manage protective measures to ensure safety:

Personnel management measures:

Minimize and train personal information processing personnel

We assign employees to handle personal information and limit it to the person in charge.

Measures to manage personal information:

Conduct regular self-audits

We conduct our own audits regularly (quarterly) to ensure the security of handling personal information

Develop and implement internal management plan

We have developed and implemented internal management plans for the safe handling of personal information

Encryption of personal information

The user's personal information is encrypted, stored and managed so that only the user can use it, and the use of important data alone provides security functions, such as encrypting files and transmitting data or using file locking functions

Technical measures to prevent hacking

Companies install security programs, regularly update and inspect, and when their systems are subject to intrusions from external systems, they will organize intrusions through encryption and reverse intrusion techniques to avoid personal information leakage caused by hacking attacks or computer viruses.

Restrict access to personal information

We take the necessary steps to restrict access to a database system that grants, modifies, and deletes personal information, and to control unauthorized external access by using intrusion prevention systems

Keep connection logs and prevent forgery

Personal information processing system access records are kept for at least six months and encrypted with security technology to prevent the loss of access records through forgery and theft.

Use encryption to secure documents

We keep documents that store personal information and secondary storage in a safe place

Unauthorized access is prohibited

We keep personal information in separate physical storage locations and set up access controls for it.

9.Personal information manager and responsible person

We are doing our best to ensure the safety of users' personal information. If you find any abnormal information, please contact our customer service immediately

The user ID password is kept in private custody by the user, and no one shall ask for the user password in any way. The user needs to keep the password safe at all times and not leak it to others.

If your ID password is compromised, we can perform technical remediation, but we are not liable for accidents caused by basic network hazards (such as hacker attacks).

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