1.Recharge fee
All coin charges are  0
2.Withdrawal fee
Currency Withdrawal fee    Intermediate certification quota Advanced certification quota
BTC :  Each 0.0005btc

Single minimum 0.01btc

Limit for daily withdrawal 25btc

Single minimum 0.01btc

 Limit for daily withdrawal 100btc

ETH:  Each 0.01eth

Single minimum 0.1eth

Limit for daily withdrawa l250eth

Single minimum 0.01eth 

Limit for daily withdrawal 1000eth

XRP:  Each 1xrp

Single minimum 20xrp  

  Limit for daily withdrawal 500000xrp

Single minimum 20xrp 

Limit for daily withdrawal 2000000xrp

BCH:  Each 0.0001bch

Single minimum 0.01bc

Limit for daily withdrawal 250bch

Single minimum 0.01bch  

Limit for daily withdrawal 1000bch

EOS:  Each 1eso

Single minimum 10eos   

 Limit for daily withdrawal 25000eos

Single minimum 10eos 

Limit for daily withdrawal 100000eos

LTC:  Each 0.001ltc

Single minimum 0.01ltc 

Limit for daily withdrawal 2500ltc

Single minimum 0.01ltc 

Limit for daily withdrawal 10000ltc

ADA:  Each 1ada

Single minimum 1ada

Limit for daily withdrawal 25000ada

Single minimum 1ada  

Limit for daily withdrawal 100000ada

USDT:  Each 1usdt

Single minimum 10usdt 

Limit for daily withdrawal 25000usdt

Single minimum 10usdt

 Limit for daily withdrawal 100000usdt

ETC  Each 0.005etc

Single minimum 0.1etc

Limit for daily withdrawal 25000etc

Single minimum 0.1etc 

Limit for daily withdrawal 100000etc

3. Transaction Fees
The transaction fee for all transactions is 0.1%

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