Beginner Guide

I. Register and Login

User Registration

Open the official BTC18 website - click the "register" button. New users can register by phone or email.

1.Mobile phone registered

Enter the phone number and password, click get the phone verification code and input -- read and check the BTC18 user service agreement, and click "register".

2.Registered mail

Enter the email number and password, get the verification code in the mailbox and type -- and check that I have read and agreed to BTC18 user service agreement -- and click "register."

Users Login

1.Open the official website of BTC18 and click "login" -- enter the account and password for login.

Forget login password

1.In the login box on the home page of the website, click "forget password" - retrieve the login password box to enter the phone number bound, obtain and fill in the verification code - and click "submit".

2.Enter a new login password in the reset password interface -- click "submit" to modify the password (you can login with the new password).

II. Real name Authentication

1.Primary real name authentication

Open the official website of BTC18 and log in to the page of "personal center" -- in "real name authentication", click "immediate authentication". Fill in my real name and id number according to the prompt, and click "submit authentication information".

2.Advanced real name authentication

Click "advanced real name authentication" on the BTC18 official website to complete the basic real name authentication. After filling in the name and id number and other information according to the prompts, you need to take photos of the holding id card and the paper (write, name, current time), front picture of the id card and address proof. (confirm that the document is completely in the picture, the font on the document and the paper is clear, so as to avoid the shadow light in the picture) click "submit the authentication information".

III. security settings

1.The phone authentication

Open the official website of BTC18 -- log in the account and enter the page of "personal center" -- in "mobile authentication" and click "authentication immediately. Enter the "mobile phone authentication Settings" page -- enter "mobile phone number", click get and enter "SMS verification code" and "email verification code" -- click "submit" and the mobile phone authentication is successful.

2. Email authentication

Open the official website of BTC18 -- log in the account and enter the page of "personal center" -- in the "mailbox authentication", click "immediate authentication" and enter the page of "secure mailbox setting information" -- enter the common email address, obtain and fill in the verification code of mobile SMS -- and click "submit". Click "login to mailbox" or manually log in to mailbox -- confirm in mailbox -- and the mailbox verification is successful.

3.Google certification

Open the official BTC18 website - log in to the account and go to the "personal center" page - in the "Google certification," and click "immediate authentication." Download the Google Authenticator (Authenticator) on your phone, scan the qr code/enter the secret key to perform Google authentication and open it.

4.Fund password setting

Open the BTC18 official website - log in to the account and enter the "" personal center" "page - in the" "money security password" "and click" "to set it up." " Enter the "fund security password" page -- enter the fund security password (6 digits) -- click "set immediately" and the operation is successful.

IV. Recharge and withdraw


Open the official website of BTC18 -- log in the account of BTC18, and click "finance" -- slide down to find the top-up currency, and click "top-up". After entering the coin filling interface, the system will automatically assign you a corresponding currency recharge address. When you recharge, use this address to recharge. Copy the wallet address and send the currency you want to recharge to the corresponding currency address. It can reach your BTC18 account after network confirmation.

2. Withdraw Deposit

Open the official website of BTC18 -- log in the account of BTC18, and click "finance" -- scroll down to find the withdrawal currency, and click "withdraw". In the coin pick-up interface, enter the address, quantity and network fee in the corresponding text box -- fill in the fund security password -- click get and enter the SMS verification code and Google verification code -- click "withdraw money" and wait for the financial staff to handle it for you.

V. Transaction Entrustment

1.Limit buying/selling

Price buy/sell refers to the user to set a buy/sell any currency price, generate orders, the system will automatically set the list to buy and sell on the market, the market determine the clinch a deal the two sides in accordance with the principle of price and time preference, the same price not same number of buyers and sellers trading case, the system priority set are cancelled orders earlier. Click [trading] page - select buy/sell the "price", input "buying/selling rate" and "buy/sell quantity", click "buy/sell immediately.

2.Plan to buy/sell

1.The system will hang out with the commission price when the market reaches the trigger price. The user can set the price of chasing the high and the price of copying the low at the same time.

Click on the [transaction] page -- select "planned purchase" -- enter "commission quantity", "chase high trigger price", "chase high commission price", "buy low trigger price" and "buy low commission price" -- click "plan buy".

2.Profit/loss plan selling: when the quotation reaches the trigger price, the system will be hung out at the commission price. Users can set both profit and loss prices at the same time.

Click on the [trade] page -- select "plan buy" -- enter "commission quantity", "stop buy", "stop buy", "stop loss buy" and "stop buy" -- click "plan buy".

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