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Currency notes on:

1. The platform is a neutral third-party digital asset trading platform. If the operation principle of the platform is contrary to the laws and regulations of the country or region where the platform is located, the virtual currency issuing team shall voluntarily suspend the service of the website.

2. Btc18 only for authenticity and legitimacy of the audit project, no project to evaluate investment value, not for the virtual currency issuing team provide any moral and value endorsed, if involved in raising funds illegally in the process of currency issuance and trading, pyramid schemes, money laundering, pornography, fraud, rather than money, such as illegal violations, the resulting all problems shall be borne by the virtual currency issuance team itself.

3. The issuing team shall cooperate with the platform's official preventive measures to prevent the malicious smashing behavior of the issuing team, otherwise the cooperation will be terminated and the platform will not launch the currency.

4. If any of the following situations occur in the currency that has been launched on the platform, the platform will consider going offline for the currency: the official team is disbanded or there is no normal maintenance and update, which results in the fact that the currency cannot conduct normal mining, transfer and block query, etc.; The currency has no users to trade or use or hold; There is a major technical failure of the currency, which affects the normal functions such as block query and mining and exchanging money. The official team is suspected of malicious digging, pyramid selling fraud, sitting on the bank circle money and other illegal ACTS

Currency specification for the lower line

In order to protect the interests of investors, Btc18 exchange reserves the right to take down the project or continue to support the project to trade on the platform. If the project party triggers the following conditions, we will notify the transaction to take down, including but not limited to:

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